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LMNO Peas Tonie and Hardcover Book Gift Set

LMNO Peas Tonie and Hardcover Book Gift Set

Book Description:

We purchased these books from a wholesaler that marks the titles with a sharpie to code them as overstock.  The books are new but there will be a mark as shown in the pics above on either the top or bottom of the spine.  This does not affect any reading material or any illustrations.  


Get ready to roll through the alphabet with a jaunty cast of busy little peas. Featuring a range of zippy characters from Acrobat Peas to Zoologist Peas, this delightful picture book highlights a variety of interests, hobbies, and careers - each one themed to a letter of the alphabet - and gives a wonderful sense of the colorful world we live in. Children will have so much fun poring over the detailed scenes that they won't even realize they're learning the alphabet along the way!


Hardcover-11.29" l x 10.35" w x 0.3



Tonie Tracklist


Songs and Stories:

1. LMNO Peas 

2. LMNO Peas 🎵 

3. 1-2-3 Peas 

4. Counting Peas 🎵 

5. Little Green Peas 

6. Little Green Peas 🎵 

7. Hap-Pea All Year 

8. Hap-pea All Year 🎵 

9. No Two Alike 

10. Almost But Not Quite 🎵 

11. My Octopus Arms 

12. Otto the Octopus 🎵

Total Run Time: 31 minutes

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    $21.00Sale Price
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