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Healthy Habits Songs -Hippo-

Healthy Habits Songs -Hippo-

Get up and get moving! Coach Hippo is here to inspire you to be the Best You Can Be! Follow along on this musical adventure about healthy habits including positive affirmations, eating fruits and vegetables, staying hydrated, moving your body and living each moment to the fullest.

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Being positive
  • Eating well & drinking water
  • Gratitude

Songs and Stories:

1. Introduction to Healthy Habits

2. The Best I Can Be đŸŽ”

3. Affirmations

4. I Am A Superstar đŸŽ”

5. Exercise

6. Gym Class đŸŽ”

7. Healthy Eating

8. I Can Eat A Rainbow đŸŽ”

9. Getting Sunlight

10. Outside đŸŽ”

11. Feelings

12. I'm Happy đŸŽ”

13. Playtime

14. Can You Jump? đŸŽ”

15. Stay Hydrated

16. Drink Some Water đŸŽ”

17. Be Present

18. Enjoy The Moment đŸŽ”

19. Mindful Breathing

20. Breathing In Breathing Out Exercise 

21. Sleep

22. Go To Sleep đŸŽ”

23. Outro

Total Run Time: 45 minutes

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