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Leo's Day: Routines Tonie

Leo's Day: Routines Tonie


It’s a brand new day! Come along with Leo the Leopard, from waking up to bedtime, as he brings music and fun to everyday routines. From using the potty, to morning stretches, brushing your teeth, family dinners, and feeding your pets, Leo will be your guide as we learn and sing about some of the important routines that make up our day.

This Tonie teaches kids about:


Taking care of pets

Different stretches


Songs and Stories:

1. Leo's Routines2. Brand New Day 🎵3. Waking Up4. Use The Potty 🎵5. Stay Healthy with Clean Hands6. Wash Your Hands 🎵7. Morning Stretches with Leo8. Brush Your Teeth 🎵9. Getting Ready for the Day10. Get Dressed 🎵11. Food Gives Us Energy12. Breakfast 🎵13. Leo's Pets14. Taking Care Of My Pets 🎵15. Leo Goes To School16. School Is Where I Want To Be 🎵17. After School Rest18. Take A Break 🎵19. Family Dinners20. Dinner Time 🎵21. Baths Are Fun22. Taking A Bath 🎵23. Shiny & Bright Teeth24. Brush Your Teeth Reprise 🎵25. Nighttime Stretches with Leo26. Goodnight 🎵27. Leo's Day

Total Run Time: 54 minutes

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