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Santa Jaws -Hardcover

Santa Jaws -Hardcover

*Pair this boom with the Pirate Creative Tonie!


Book Description:

We purchased these books from a wholesaler that marks the titles with a sharpie to code them as overstock.  The books are new but there will be a mark as shown in the pics above on either the top or bottom of the spine.  This does not affect any reading material or any illustrations.  


With bouncy, delightful rhymes, Bridget Heos' Santa Jaws celebrates Christmas under the sea. Every year, Santa Jaws delivers presents to his fellow sharks, spreading cheer wherever he goes. Elfin sharks make toys, horn sharks trim the Christmas kelp, and cookiecutter sharks make sure Santa doesn't go hungry. Get ready for a ride on Santa's sled (pulled, of course, by hammerheads) in this joyful holiday tale!


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